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Smart Contract Development

We develop smart contracts for your project to run smoothly.

End-to-end Platforms

We can help you develop and end-to-end platform for your projet, integrated with our smart contracts.

Web3 Consultancy

We help consult on web3 ideas & projects, and ensure your business works in tandem with the latest trends.

our mission & Vision

We want to employ blockchain to build a better future, so that's what we've set out to do. We want to leverage the exponential power of technology to generate positive impact.


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Development studio based in
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We accommodate for flexible payment plans.

We work with a mix of commissions & upfront costs, depending on the project.

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A development studio based in Singapore and London.

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latest work

malt grain & cane

ERC1155: Malt, Grain & Cane

An independent whiskey bottler based in Singapore that has created an NFT collection exclusively for owners of the physical limited edition bundles.

Got questions?

What Chains do You Work With?

Minthouse specialises in ETH-based projects, but also do Harmony ONE and Polygon projects! We're happy to work on some alternatives too, just reach out to us to have a chat. If you want a project on a specific chain, or want to consider different options, we suggest you have a chat with us, let us know your situation, and we can provide a better answer to your question!

Does Minthouse do Long Term Projects & Partnerships? 

It ultimately depends on the project, but we're absolutely open to it! We believe in developing projects with longevity, and so we're always interested in building things with long term potential. Reach out to us, and we can talk about potential arrangements that might be suitable to you and your organisation.

Why Choose Minthouse?

We offer a bespoke service, and take each project on an individual basis with high regard for our clients, so we'll be sure to take good care of your project. By choosing Minthouse, you're also helping fund opportunities for young developers & entrepreneur all across the world - if you reach out to us we tell you more about how we donate, and reach out directly to those who you're providing opportunities to.
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